5280: How Colorado Are You?

One of our favorite Colorado magazines did a fun collection of quizzes, puzzles, and brainteasers to test locals on their knowledge of the mile high state.  They included the logos of nine local businesses to see if people could identify them without the names.

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Conscious Company Magazine January/February 2017

Conscious Company asked leaders and thinkers in the business community to share their thoughts on how they'd fill in the blank: "Fear Less _____ More". Brook filled it in with "Engage In Politics" and shares how "it's our civic responsibility to help preserve our country with the highest principles of honor and justice - for all."

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BevNet Covers DRINK: New Bar in Times Square

DRINK, a first-of-its-kind non-alcoholic beverage bar located inside the flagship American Eagle Outfitters store located at the intersection of W 46th St. and Broadway in New York City showcases emerging entrepreneurial beverage companies and the people behind them from all across the country,

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Optimum Wellness: “Spicy Teas Galore”

The Winter 2017 issue of Optimum Wellness highlight's Bhakti's history and our award-winning brew. Click here for the details!

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All I want for Christmas this year is something great to eat!

A yummy list of "must have" treats at the holidays, courtesy of John Lehndorff of the Boulder Weekly! Includes delicacies such as Frasca Red Pepper JellyLucile’s Creole Café Strawberry Rhubarb JamBacon Jam from Organic Sandwich, Powdered Roasted Green Chile from the Spice Shop, Winechick Colorado Cherry Wine, Cherry Pie a la Mode Truffle from Peace. Love and Chocolate, Espresso Cocomels from JJ's Cocomels, and Iced Bhakti Chai Coffee Blend.

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7 Natural Boulder Food Brands You Have To Know About

If you haven’t already noticed, Boulder is one of the premier spots for natural and organic food brands. Why? Well, if you haven’t been here, we’ll tell you. Boulder is considered the mecca for fitness and organic lifestyles…from Olympic athletes to leading nutritionists (and the lowest obesity rate in the country by a good amount), Boulder’s outdoor spaces and abundance of natural products make it a no-brainer to start a health-conscious food and beverage company here. Here’s a list of a few (some new, some established) that we think you need to know about.

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