Fair-Trade Sugar and Spice: How Brook Eddy’s Bhakti Is Becoming a Beverage Behemoth

B The Change Media interviews Bhakti founder Brook Eddy about her beverage company started as an innocent brewing experiment. Brook shares her perspective on the source of her entrepreneurial drive, the social impact Bhakti and Gita Giving have had on the global community, serendipity and the possibility of a memoir about her life and her experience of building such a successful brand.

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The Evolution of Beverage Brand Bhakti

One woman's travels in India inspired the formation of a fun, socially minded beverage company that continues to find success. In this video from Natural Products Expo West 2016, Brook Eddy, founder and former CEO of Bhakti, elaborates on the company's newest product line, its social giving platform and what products might come next.

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Bhakti CEO: ‘I think consumers get fair trade and organic, but I wish they knew more about what it means to be a B-corp’

Boulder-based spicy chai tea brand Bhakti has recruited CPG industry veteran Sarah Bird as its new CEO as it seeks to build its footprint in the conventional channel and take the mission-driven brand in new directions. A food industry veteran with stints at Annie's, Three Twins Ice Cream, Ecologic Brands, and Nestle, on her resume, Bird said she was immediately attracted to the team at Bhakti and the brand itself.  "As a brand, Bhakti has a real soul, and magic, and no one else has that fiery, spicy flavor profile. The Sparkling Teas…and the (Bhakti) noosa products have been incredibly well received…", says Bird.

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92 Fall-Flavored Things You Need To Get Your Hands On

Delish.com helps you find every single thing you must seek out this season - and at the top of the list is Bhakti noosa!  "Noosa's taken that sweet, spicy flavor of chai tea and turned it into an ultra-creamy yoghurt."

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For Brook Eddy, an 8,000-mile journey from her home in Boulder led to a career which merges social activism and product innovation.

Bhakti Founder and CEO Brook Eddy oversees an innovative brand of Indian-inspired chai drinks and sparkling teas that can be found in stores from coast to coast. Company Week interviewed Brook about the uniqueness of her company's growing catalog of bottled drinks: "We were the first iced ready-to-drink chai ever on the market. We're the first-ever natural sparkling tea on the market." The spring 2016 release of the naturally flavored carbonated beverages coincided with the rebranding of the company's name from Bhakti Chai to simply Bhakti, in light of its expanded product line.

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Brook Eddy Founder of Bhakti on Being Reflective

In this Run This World podcast episode, Nicole DeBoom and Brook discuss:

  • How inspiration hits when you least expect it
  • Starting a business with twin babies in tow
  • How a triple bottom line philosophy can actually work
  • Chai tea 101
  • Her philosophy on sleep and why she never feels guilty for catching up on it
  • Brook’s takeaway nugget is all about calming down

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