Oprah Magazine Chooses Bhakti Noosa for “Let’s Eat”

Thrilled to have Bhakti noosa chosen by Oprah as "The Find" for December 2016!

In the mood for some soothing chai tea? Just grab a spoon and dig in. The ginger - and cardamom-spiced favorite now comes in handy snack form. Australian-style noosa yogurt in limited edition Bhakti Chai, made with honey, whole milk, and cane sugar. ($2.50 for eight-ounce container). Visit noosayoghurt.com for stores

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THRIVE MAGAZINE: Chooses Bhakti Nog in “Vegan Drinks We Love”

In Thrive Magazine's December issue, they pick a handful of fav drinks and elixers for the winter and describe Bhakti Nog as "perfect for holiday parties"! "Seasonal spices blend perfectly with creamy cardamom and fresh ginger chai."

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Phil Lempert SUPERMARKETGURU: Bhakti Tart Cherry Rooibos is a HIT!

Wow! This is terrific. Rooibos tea with tart cherry juice and ginger. Delicious and refreshing. Just 60 calories and 14 grams of sugars, both added and naturally occurring. Contains 15% juice. Rooibos tea is fermented does not contain caffeine and has much lower tannins than other teas and is rich in polyphenols. Made with organic ingredients.

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The 5 Best Healthy Holiday Snacks at the Grocery Store

Hog This Nog: Noosa’s new Bhakti Chai yoghurt delivers the comforting flavors of your go-to winter tea in a protein-rich breakfast option. You’ll get 40 percent of your daily calcium intake and 12g protein in one 8-oz. serving.

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Now that the leaves are falling, it’s time to pull on a sweater, grab a good book, and settle down with a relaxing cup of tea. There’s no better way to combat the cooling weather (not to mention the cold season that comes with it) than a warm, soothing cup. Our first choice is Bhakti's Fiery Masala Artisan Tea. This blend is packed with spices to keep your inner fire fueled even as the air around you grows colder. Plus, all the ginger will help you fight autumn germs.

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Fair-Trade Sugar and Spice: How Brook Eddy’s Bhakti Is Becoming a Beverage Behemoth

B The Change Media interviews Bhakti founder Brook Eddy about her beverage company started as an innocent brewing experiment. Brook shares her perspective on the source of her entrepreneurial drive, the social impact Bhakti and Gita Giving have had on the global community, serendipity and the possibility of a memoir about her life and her experience of building such a successful brand.

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