Join Our Brand Ambassador Team Today!

Bhakti is all about devotion: our devotion to brewing the original fresh products; devotion to healthy living, sustainability and social action; and of course, devotion to our fans. It’s clear that we aren’t the only ones passionate about our brand as our fans are loyal advocates (most consider themselves “Bhakti addicts”). They are enthusiastic about sharing our products and sharing our mission of making the world a better place.

Ambassadors promote Bhakti to their tribe (social network) by introducing our products to friends/family/clients to sample and share the key qualities (fresh, organic, antioxidant-rich, fair-trade, gluten-free). In addition, they inspire those around them to make sustainable choices with products they use/purchase and contribute to making the world a better place through their devotion to social causes around the globe.

The Bhakti Ambassador Program is extended to unique individuals in cities where Bhakti is sold. You might be an ideal Bhakti Ambassador if you meet the following criteria:

  • You believe Bhakti is a lifestyle and not just an amazing beverage.
  • You are a connector; you love to socialize; are out-and-about at local events; you are plugged in and love to share your experiences via your favorite device.
  • You are like-minded: you have a passion for Bhakti’s core values of sustainability and devotion through social action, and you want to share this passion with everyone you meet!
  • Ideal candidates share the same qualities as our beloved chai: sweet, spicy, strong, fresh, healthy, inspiring.

Bhakti Ambassadors receive swag, free product (via coupons redeemed at local retail stores) and marketing materials/connections in exchange for promotion of our products and devotion to both our brand and social action.

Application Process

If you feel you would be a good Bhakti Ambassador, fill out this Bhakti Ambassador Application. Bhakti will review your application and determine if you are an appropriate fit and will contact you directly if chosen. Completion of our application is not a guarantee of acceptance to the Bhakti Ambassador Program.

The Bhakti Ambassador Program is open to residents of the United States only. We ask for a commitment of at least one year.