Four Tin Artisan Tea Variety Pack


WHAAAAT?!  NOW 4-PACKS ARE JUST $19.99! **NOTE: Fiery Masala Blend is out-of-stock; Create your 4-pack with our other amazing flavors!**

Inspired by a ski hut trip in Colorado, where transporting Bhakti liquid products while propelling uphill seemed strenuous but necessary, we blended our repurposed ginger with black tea and fiery spices and the same Bhakti buzz brewed up! Now, all of our hiking, camping, traveling, and tea drinking fans can brew up a cup anywhere on earth.

Whether you take our tea blends on the road or simply sip and savor in your home or work – our uplifting and energizing blends will capture the feel of India in a cup and warm you from the inside out.

Fiery Masala:

(OUT-OF-STOCK) The closest blend to our award-winning concentrate. For a more fiery cup, steep longer and add dairy and your favorite sweetener for India in a cup.  Available in 1 Pound Bulk Bag

Yerba Maté:

Valued for health and energizing properties in South America, our fresh Yerba Maté (not smoked) mingles perfectly with our antioxidant rich black tea and ginger spice blend – to create a revitalizing chai experience.

Green Tea Tulsi:

Long revered in India for its health properties, the sacred Tulsi herb mingles perfectly with antioxidant rich, smooth and subtle organic green tea, the perfect compliment to our ginger spice blend.


South Africans have been enjoying caffeine free Rooibos (“roy-boss”) for centuries because of its antioxidant properties. Our ginger and spices mingle perfectly with the subtle hints of citrus and sweet, the way Rooibos has traditionally been prepared.