August 6, 2014

be awesome help girlsEducating girls globally is one of the top ranked social investments of our time. While this has always been a funding priority for us at Bhakti Chai, we’re thrilled to support Edge of Seven in their #OperationGirl campaign.

A Denver-based nonprofit organization, Edge of Seven empowersedge of seven women and girls by increasing female educational, health and economic opportunities in remote areas of the world.

#OperationGirl provides girls in rural Nepal access to higher education through erecting school buildings, large-scale water supplies, a girls hostel, and a dormitory for 40 girls pursuing a secondary education in the Everest Region. 2014’s project aims to build a higher secondary school and a dormitory for girls pursuing a degree at the only bachelor’s program in the region.

Bhakti Founder and CEO Brook Eddy commends Edge of Seven’s mission. “Education empowers girls to change their lives, make informed choices, and is proven to not only increase income and stability but health outcomes. I’m so proud of the work that Edge of Seven is doing in Nepal for the next generation of women leaders!”

Edge of Seven suggests that empowerment begins with education, a theory that resonates with seventeen-year old Mingmar from the district capital of Salleri: “Women in Nepal are living very miserable lives because they don’t have a voice, and they don’t have a choice in life. I want to fight this in the future.” Mingmar aspires to be a journalist to increase awareness of the challenges women face in Nepal.gir


As a mission dedicated to the social and educational advancement of women from remote areas in the East, #OperationGirl is close to Bhakti Chai’s roots and heart.


Bhakti Chai founder and CEO Brook Eddy first witnessed the powerful principles of “Bhakti” (devotion through social action) first-hand in rural Northern India, where community members selflessly devoted themselves to the betterment of their village and its inhabitants. Bhakti Chai now submits this same devotion to the region from which it was inspired and to the population that needs it most.

Join Bhakti Chai by donating to #OperationGirl via BeAwesomeHelpGirls to further the Project’s goal of raising $20,000 by the end of 2014. You can donate here!

Spread the word online by e-mailing your friends and family and posting the campaign link on social media. Use the hashtags #beawesome, #helpgirls, #operationgirl and #edgeofseven.