Get Bhakti Delivered To Your Office

If you work in the Denver Metro Area/Colorado Front Range or the San Francisco Bay Area and you’re responsible for keeping the peeps in your office happy, then this perk is perfect for you.  Sign up for Bhakti Office Delivery and keep your team caffeinated in the morning and when they need that mid-day pick me up. Your team will be buzzing about how you are, well, the bomb.

** Refer a friend to our Office Delivery program and if they sign up, we’ll take 20% off your next order! **

CHAI CONCENTRATEbhakti-gallon-family

Gallon Concentrate containers are perfect for people to mix 1:1 with your choice of milk or non-dairy.

ICED CHAIbhakti-rtd-family

16 oz bottles infuse Bhakti Chai Concentrate with either Non-GMO soy or Almondmilk. Available in 6 flavors: Original, Semi- Sweet, Decaf, Cold-Pressed Coffee Blend, Almondmilk and Toasted Coconut Almond Blend.  (Front Range Colorado Only)

If you are interested in ordering Bhakti for delivery to your office, please tell us a little about yourself via this form and we’ll be in touch with you right away (and will bring you either a free gallon, free case of Iced Chai to try with your team!)

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