retailer CollageEvery decision we make has a ripple effect and impacts the world around us. No matter how big or small, the way we interact with each other on a daily basis can, and does make a difference. Our goal on this nation-wide Tuk Tuk tour is to start a ripple effect by not only introducing people to our amazing and sustainable chai but to share our social mission – our devotion through social action, which we hope ripples through communities across the country.


Our retail partners are such a huge part of our success in making these goals a reality and we want to dedicate this post to them!  Just last week in Atlanta Mark and I were in a pickle to get thousands of our chai minis refrigerated when the sprinter van broke down. Over thirty boxes would go to waste if Mark couldn’t figure out a way to refrigerate them so he went directly to our friends at Whole Foods on Ponce and met Tyrell, who didn’t even hesitate to say yes! We were ecstatic and amazed at his willingness to help us out and just a few days later Michael, the Dairy Manager (pictured below) helped Mark load all the boxes back in the van for us.  It’s moments like this where you truly appreciate small acts of kindness. Tyrell and Michael became our Angels in Atlanta.

mark and michael


So many other retail stores and their staff have shown so much kindness and support in our mission including Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Sprouts and all the incredible Co-ops and cafés we have stopped at. We are humbled by how excited everyone is when we arrive at their store, and how all the staff have embraced us, even when things don’t always go as planned. We appreciate you everyday, and just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of our heart.

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