Brand Shots - Austin Week 2There are times when our days are full of excitement and endless activities – just like last week at SXSW – that it’s easy to get caught up and let life fly by. As fun as it all was, I was looking forward to experiencing some quiet time and sunshine during my last week in Austin.


Spring is an excellent time to move with the flow of the season and begin to reconnect again. When life around us is blooming, there is a wonderful opportunity to get grounded, renew and reaffirm what we are committed to. To remind ourselves of our purpose, our Bhakti (devotion). As Ginger, the Tuk Tuk, my Bhakti is to spread the joy and the love of what Bhakti Chai is all about: Showing our gratitude and appreciation to our dedicated fans, and creating new fans along the way. It’s about building lasting relationships, trust and showing our dedication to quality, sustainability and giving back to those in need. While the goal on this amazing cross-country tour is bringing delicious, spicy and fiery chai to you, your friends and family, the mission will always be rooted in spreading our devotion to you; our devotion to creating lasting change through social action and inspiring that in others.


So, as I wrapped up my last week in Austin, with a little downtime, sunshine, saltwater and an amazing om day with our friends at the Core Power Yoga Triangle Studio, it helped me to realize why Mark and I are spending ten months on the road across twenty cities. We are doing it because we love our fans and the devotees we have not yet met!scrapbook


I can’t wait to experience so many other wonderful cities, including Houston and New Orleans this week! Stay tuned to hear more about my adventures as the journey unfolds. Don’t forget to follow Bhakti Chai on Twitter and Instagram and use #MeetGinger and #TukTukTour to find out where I am next!


With love and gratitude,

ginger w cowboy hat sig