Become a Foodservice Account

Hundreds of cafés and coffee shops around the country are serving Bhakti Chai to their customers each day. Our spicy blend offers a delicious, new flavor profile to your menu.

If you are interested in serving Bhakti Chai at your café or coffee shop, please tell us a little about yourself via this fbhakti-gallon-familyorm and we’ll be in touch with you right away and will send you a complimentary sample gallon to try with your team!



Gallon ConcentratesReady-To-Drink Bottles
UNFISyscoItalcoKeheUS FoodsPFG/VistarShamrockNone Of The Above

Retail Accounts

Bhakti Chai offers three product lines for retail stores across the country. If you are interested in carrying our products in your store, please contact Sarah Bird at


Quart and half-gallon Concentrate containers are available for the refrigerated section of your retail store or co-op.

Iced CHAI Bottlesbhakti-rtd-family

Perfect for the grab n’ go section of your store, these 16 oz bottles infuse Bhakti Chai Concentrate with either Non-GMO soy or Almond milk for consumers to grab when they’re on-the-go. Available in 6 flavors.