• What does "Bhakti" mean?

    Bhakti is Sanskrit for “devotion”. We practice living the values of Bhakti through conscientious business practices and through our devotion to social action. Every year we support a wide range of nonprofit organizations that invest in women, girls and the environment. Visit the Gita Giving page for more information on our social giving platform and other organizations we support throughout the year.

  • My store doesn’t carry Bhakti! Help!

    We’re with you – we want to see Bhakti Chai products on every shelf too! We’re working to introduce our spicy brew to new stores, but you can help speed up our expansion by speaking to the Dairy Manager where you shop about Bhakti Chai! Print out this Product Request Form and he/she can pull the UPC codes straight from it to order.

  • Is Bhakti gluten-free? Dairy free? Vegan?

    Yes! All of the above, and most important, DELICIOUS!

  • I have questions on my online order.

    Our shipping department can be reached at shipping@bhaktichai.com so email them (include your order number) and someone will get back to you within one business day.

  • Are the ingredients in Bhakti Fair Trade Certified? Non-GMO Verified? Organic?

    All our products are Non-GMO verified. Our black tea is Fair Trade Certified and the fresh ginger, cardamom, and cane juice are all certified organic.

  • What does it mean to be a "Certified B-Corp"?

    Bhakti is one of a growing number of businesses with Certified B Corporation status. Benefit Corporations (B Corps) are businesses with strong triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) values that voluntarily undergo a yearly audit to assess measurable impact in identified areas, such as reducing ecological footprint and investing in the community. Read more about BCorps here.

  • I have questions on Bhakti's new Sparkling Tea Line.

    The new Bhakti Sparkling Teas are the first ever natural sparkling tea available nationwide. With four distinct and delicious flavors, these Sparkling Teas are a bubbly and refreshing blend of fresh-brewed tea, restorative organic fruit juice and Bhakti’s signature fresh-pressed ginger – carbonated into bubbly perfection! The flavors include: Lemon Ginger Black, Mango Lime Matcha, Mint Mate and Tart Cherry Rooibos.


    Do the Sparkling Teas have chai in them?
    No, they are not made with chai. Our new Sparkling Teas are a delicious blend of fresh-brewed, carbonated teas (black, matcha, mate and rooibos) combined with Bhakti’s signature fresh-pressed ginger and organic, restorative juices.

    I see just the Bhakti logo on the bottle. What happened to Bhakti Chai?
    With the introduction of our new Sparkling Teas, we have expanded our product offerings beyond chai and are therefore evolving the brand from “Bhakti Chai” to “Bhakti.”

    Where do you source your ingredients for the Sparkling Tea?
    It has always been a top priority at Bhakti to use only premium and sustainable ingredients for use in our products. With our new Sparkling Teas, we made sure to source only the best! Below is a snapshot of some of our most used ingredients and their sources:

    • Ginger: Since Bhakti’s inception, we have incorporated fresh ginger into all of our products, which now includes the new Sparkling Tea line. We currently press more than 40,000 pounds of ginger each month! We source only organic ginger from La Grama, the premier organic ginger exporter in Peru, which works directly with local farmers along the Amazon rainforest and across the Andes mountains.
    • Rooibos Tea: Known also as “red tea,” South Africans have been enjoying rooibos (roy-boss) for centuries because of its antioxidant-rich qualities and full-bodied, earthy flavor. We source the rooibos tea used in our new Tart Cherry Rooibos Sparkling Tea as well as our Rooibos Artisan Tea from a garden 200km north of Cape Town, South Africa nestled in the foothills of the Cederberg Mountain range. This Mediterranean climate with deep sandy soils is perfect for harvesting rooibos.
    • Spearmint: We source our organic spearmint from the arid Columbia Basin of Eastern Oregon, where annual rainfall is less than 10 inches and summer temperatures rise to 95 degrees. Heat promotes the growth of mint plants and produces high quantities of essential oils, giving Oregon mint leaves a higher oil content when compared to other origins. This higher concentration of mint oil is what gives our Mint Mate Sparkling Tea the burst of fresh mint flavor!
    • Matcha Tea: The matcha tea we currently use in our Mango Lime Matcha Sparkling Tea is produced in Japan in two of the top matcha producing regions of the world – Nishio City and Uji City.

    What is the sediment or separation occurring in the Mango Lime Matcha and the Lemon Ginger Black Sparkling Teas?
    It’s naturally occurring sediment from the organic fruit juices combining with the freshly-brewed tea.

    Is it ok to drink the sediment?
    Yes! It is naturally-occurring sediment from the fresh ingredients.

    Where can I buy Bhakti Sparkling Tea?
    The Sparkling Teas are available nationwide at Whole Foods throughout the months of April and May, and will be available at other natural and conventional grocery stores beginning in June. Please check our store locator to find them near you!

    Can I buy these online?
    Not at this time, but check with us in the future.

  • The Toasted Coconut Almond Milk Ready To Drink is sweetened with monk fruit. What is this?

    Monk fruit is a natural sweetener (vs a sucrose which is a sugar based sweetener) which grows on lush vines in small farms in the sub-tropical climate of Asian hillsides. The fruit is harvested by hand, then crushed and infused with hot water to release its natural sweetness.The toasted coconut milk we blend with our concentrate already contains monk fruit and we’ve found it’s the perfect blend for people looking for lower calories and less sugar.

  • Do I need to refrigerate Bhakti products before it's opened as well as after?

    All of the chai products are perishable as they don’t contain any preservatives. They will all be found in the refrigerated section of grocery stores and need to stay refrigerated before and after opening. The Sparkling Teas are shelf stable so do not need to be refrigerated but are best enjoyed chilled and/or over ice.

  • What distinguishes Bhakti's chai products from other chai on the market?

    Bhakti introduced the first FRESH-brewed chai on the market. We use fresh-pressed organic ginger (never powdered) and fiery spices and does not include any preservatives.

  • I'm trying to cut down on sugar and caffeine. What Bhakti products do you suggest?

    NEW! Unsweetened and Decaf quarts are now available on the shop.

    Also, our Toasted Coconut Almond Blend Iced Chai contains no sugar and the Semi-Sweet and Almond Blend both contain lower amounts of organic cane juice. We also have a decaf ready-to-drink and concentrate (which comes in quart and gallon sizes). Our Rooibos Artisan Tea and the Tart Cherry Rooibos Sparkling Teas are decaffeinated as well.

  • Can I freeze Bhakti's chai concentrate to extend the shelf life?

    Yes! If you have the plastic gallon containers, just shake them well first, pour out a tiny bit and pop in the freezer (so there’s room for expansion). If you want to freeze the quarts, just shake well and pour them into a plastic water bottle or other vessle that won’t break during the freezing process.