Coconut Bhakti Pops

Coconut Bhakti Pops


6 1/4  Cups Bhakti Chai Concentrate*

1 can full fat coconut milk, cream mixed in

12 popcicle molds/popcicle sticks


Pour 3 1/8 cups of Bhakti Chai Concentrate into a container.  In a separate bowl, mix the full can of coconut milk in with the remaining Bhakti Chai Concentrate.

Pour a layer of whichever flavor you’d like to start with in the bottom of your popsicle mold and freeze until firm enough to hold another layer without mixing.

Pour the next layer and freeze just until firm enough, trying not to freeze it too long before pouring the next layer.

Repeat until all the layers are done, pushing the plastic popsicle stick in when you’ve poured the last layer on top.  If you choose to use wooden popsicle sticks, push them in after the second layer is firm enough to hold the stick upright — and keep pouring around it.

*Consider Bhakti Decaf Concentrate for a refreshing treat without the caffeine.

Image from and recipe inspired by Food Doodles!

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