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What's different about our chai?

Inspired by the delicious teas of India, we began experimenting with the brewing process by adding different spices and flavors. Friends and family became our first customers and their passion lead us down the path of Bhakti Chai!

Benefits of Bhakti Chai:

  • Our Bhakti Chai Concentrate can be mixed 1:1 with dairy or non-dairy milk and can be served hot or cold, so no matter how you like to drink your tea you’ll love Bhakti Chai!
  • Bhakti does not use any artificial flavors, so the amazing flavor is all natural for you to enjoy.
  • Bhakti products are free of preservatives so you can drink without any worry!


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In 2002, our Founder, Brook Eddy, traveled to India and fell in love with two things. The first was “Bhakti” – the idea that no matter your station in life, you have a responsibility to contribute to your community and create lasting impact in ways large and small. (Really, what’s not to love about that?)

Then, came her second love. The discovery of the spicy taste and unforgettable aroma of a cup of homemade chai tea. She found that in sharing a cup of spicy chai with families she met, they were also sharing their zest for life and their dedication to the ritual of taking time during the day to drink in the moment. (Swoon-worthy, right?)

That love story became a brewery story. Brook returned home to Colorado and began experimenting with brewing her own chai, layering fragrant spices and including fresh-pressed ginger for that extra bold zing she had experienced in India. Her friends and neighbors became her first “customers.” They quickly became fervent fans and followers of her incredible Chai and the social action principles of Bhakti. Their enthusiasm let her know this was the bold, spicy path her life should take.

Quit your full-time job and build a company based on good works and extraordinary taste? Why, yes. That sounds perfect. Brook took the philosophy of Bhakti that she had learned in India, the unique and zesty recipe for Chai, and her unfettered enthusiasm (and ability to survive on very little sleep) and created Bhakti Chai. Bold? Yes. Brilliant? Taste it for yourself.