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Meet The Team

Bhakti is proud to be a mission-driven, women-led, and women-founded company. Bhakti was born in 2007 with the vision of fusing high-quality organic tea products with a mission to give back to our community. Our team is guided by the notion of Bhakti, or "devotion." Our goal is to look for meaningful ways to support our community.  

“From day one, we knew we wanted to be as bold and driven in our generosity as we are in our business. It is part of our DNA. Doing the right thing on behalf of others is simply the way we move through the world. We do not do it for accolades or to impress the market. We do it because we believe wholeheartedly in our Bhakti principle of “devotion through social action.” 

Brook Eddy, Founder of Bhakti