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Frequently Asked Questions

Bhakti Company

How do you pronounce “Bhakti”?

What does “Bhakti” mean?

How is Bhakti different than other chai?

What does it mean to be a "Certified B Corp"?

Products & Ingredients

Do you have to mix Bhakti Chai with milk before you drink it?

Are your products non-GMO?

Are your products organic?

Do you use artificial flavors in your products?

Are your products fair trade?

Do your products contain caffeine? How much?

What types of sweeteners do you use?

Do your products contain preservatives?

Why do some of your products contain gum acacia and gellan gum?

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Are Bhakti products allergen-free?

Are Bhakti products gluten-free?

Are Bhakti products vegan?

Are Bhakti products dairy-free?

Are Bhakti products soy-free?

Are Bhakti products nut-free?

Are Bhakti products Kosher?

Can children consume Bhakti products?

Packaging, Storage & Freshness

Do I need to refrigerate Bhakti Chai before and after opening?

What does shelf stable mean?

How long do Bhakti products stay fresh?

Are your products pasteurized?

How can your products have such a long shelf life?

How do I properly throw away the packaging? Is it recyclable?


I need help with my online order, who can I contact?

Can I ship Bhakti products to my home?

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

What is your return policy?

My product was delivered unrefrigerated, is it safe?

Additional FAQs to Have On-Hand

Is the sugar in your products processed using bone charcoal?

How does Bhakti source its ingredients?

How can I order the glass packaging?

Why did your Bhakti Chai Concentrate packaging change from glass?

Why are only some of your products shelf stable?

I can’t find the Bhakti Sparkling Teas anymore.