OneProsper International

Girls in the Thar Desert of India are not able to go to school because they walk hours to collect water.

OneProsper's Solution: Clean water, education, and smart water farming. OneProsper starts by building a taanka (rainwater harvesting tank) and biosand filter for families with girls. Then, OneProsper provides girls with bicycles, school supplies and tuition (1 year) to attend school.

They empower women to grow crops via water smart farming practices. A Khadin (farming dyke) is built across the family’s farmland perpendicular to the flow of water. The Khadin channels rainwater into the soil; increasing soil moisture and crop yields. Women are able to double their crop yields and incomes from Khadin farming.  OneProsper also helps women to set up kitchen gardens to grow fruits and vegetables for family nutrition.

Since 2018, OneProsper has impacted 260 girls' lives. 

They are all attending school. The girls and their families have clean water, improved nutrition and increased family income. Women have 2 income streams: income from their labour and income from the sale of surplus crops.  As a result, women are able to fund their daughters education.

Bhakti Chai is proud to work with OneProsper to sponsor these girls in India. Learn more about OneProsper's mission and impact at and read about the girls Bhakti Chai has sponsored on our G.I.T.A. page.