Bhakti is a fresh-pressed ginger chai concentrate made from organic ingredients sustainably sourced and curated from around the world. Blended with craft-brewed black tea brimming with antioxidants, fresh ginger packed with immune-boosting properties, and fiery spices to give you a jolt of clean energy that will warm you up from the inside out.

Available in Original and our zero-sugar Unsweetened.

Always Organic & Always Fair Trade - because it matters!  



In 2002, while in India studying a movement based on Bhakti, or devotion, our Founder Brook Eddy fell in love with the unforgettable aroma and taste of homemade chai. As she shared cups of chai with numerous families along her journey, she sampled endless chai variations and was inspired by the intimacy and ritual of taking time to slow down and sip chai together. 

Upon returning home, she developed a recipe using fresh pressed organic ginger and fiery spices from India to share her travels with friends so they could experience "India In A Cup." When her recipe created a buzz, she decided to start the mission-driven company Bhakti in Boulder, Colorado.  



Bhakti is a woman-founded and led company with a dedication to making bold beverages. We practice living the values of Bhakti through our philanthropic platform  GITA  GIVE, INSPIRE, TAKE ACTION and since inception have supported organizations that empower women and girls, work for social justice, and tackle the climate crisis. 
We are also proud to be a Benefit Corporation, also referred to as “B Corp.” B Corps meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. You can learn more about  
B Corps here.