• elevating tea with fresh-pressed ginger

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elevating tea with fresh-pressed ginger


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"If you have yet to try Bhakti, do it. However, beware that one sip will change your chai standards forever."

Mandy Ennis Tulane, Spoon University

"Whip up delicious Indian-style chai at home with Bhakti's new Chai Concentrates."


"Drinking Bhakti Chai has gotten me through the pandemic. It's the happiest part of my day when I sit down and enjoy it."

Susan M.

"It's SO much faster than brewing chai from leaves. Add Elmhurt Cashew milk, and it's the best chai latte EVER!"

Y. Brown, Amazon Review

"I add this to my almond milk, protein mix and make a breakfast smoothie out of it. It's flavorful and delicious!"

Melissa, Amazon Review

"I'm the kind of person who is picky about chai; it has to have a good balance between sweet and spicy with a lot of good flavor all around. Bhakti Chai knocked it out of the park."

Cassie A.

It All Began With India

In 2002, our Founder, Brook Eddy, traveled to India and fell in love with homemade chai that had layers of different spices - or masala tea. Years later, standing over a steaming pot of twirling tea she added spices and fresh ginger (or what she calls liquid gold) and created a recipe reminiscent of her time in India based on Bhakti, or devotion. 

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