Meet Suman


Eleven year-old Suman lives in Ugras village, Jodhpur District, Rajasthan, India.

During the past year, she and her family’s lives have been changed for the better. One year ago, Suman would spend her days helping her mother Jasu to collect water from a pond. She would rise at 5:30 am and then walk 5-7 hours in scorching heat. 

Today, a brand new taanka (rainwater harvesting tank) and biosand filter provides Suman and her family with clean water. Jasu has planted fruits and vegetables next to her taanka for family nutrition. Jasu is also cultivating millet on her farmland for income. A new Khadin (farming dyke) has enabled Jasu to double her millet production and income.

Suman is going to school now that she has more time. She has received a bicycle, school supplies and tuition for one year. Suman and her family are now drinking clean water and eating more nutritious food. Suman is very happy to receive the opportunity to go to school and would like to join the village government after completing her studies. Jasu is very supportive of Suman’s education and will happily fund her expenses going forward.

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