Gift Box


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The perfect gift for a chai lover!

Each Gift Box comes with:

  • Two Bhakti Chai Concentrates
  • One Bhakti Insulated Mug



Do you have to mix the concentrate with milk before you drink it?
Our Bhakti Chai Concentrate can be mixed 1:1 with dairy or non-dairy milk and can be served hot or cold. The concentrate can also be enjoyed straight - we suggest with a squeeze of lemon!

Do you use artificial flavors in your products?
Bhakti does not use any artificial flavors. Our recipes contain pressed ginger juice and a ground spice blend to give them their rich and delicious flavor.

Do your products contain preservatives?
No, Bhakti products are free of preservatives.

Are your products fair trade?
Bhakti uses fair trade black tea and sugar.

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